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Enable Falco to read audit logs from EKS
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Falco EKS Audit Bridge

Falco EKS Audit Bridge (FEAB) monitors an S3 bucket with AWS EKS audit logs and sends them to Sysdig Falco for inspection. The EKS audit logs are retrieved from AWS CloudWatch with the AWS Kinesis Firehose service. Please check this guide to learn how to setup the AWS infrastructure.


In order to build this project you can use the Makefile, which contains two goals:

  1. bin: create a local, system specific, binary with the local Go installation (1.11+ required)
  2. docker: create a docker image from scratch with the tool added


Two environment variables are required when starting the bridge:

  1. BUCKET: the S3 bucket to monitor. Please make sure that the correct AWS credentials are available to the application (either as environment variables, instance profile, etc.)
  2. FALCO_ENDPOINT: the Falco HTTP endpoint (e.g. http://localhost:8765/k8s_audit)


This tool is meant to run as a service within Kubernetes. To that end, we have provided a Helm chart (TODO) which makes deployment easy. You can of course create your own deployment configuration for any system with the docker image.

The Helm chart contains several configuration options that you can override for your specific environment.

The docker image for this tool can be found here:


The bridge exposes two endpoints for monitoring:

  1. /metrics: Prometheus metrics that track the number of audit logs processed and the total amount of errors encountered. The errors are labeled with the appropriate type.
  2. /health: A simple HTTP endpoint that returns 200 when requested.
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