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The Flyway plugin is a XL Deploy plugin that adds capability for migrating databases using Flyway.
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This document describes the functionality provided by the Flyway plugin.

See the XL Deploy Documentation for background information on XL Deploy and deployment concepts.

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The Flyway plugin is a XL Deploy plugin that adds capability for migrating databases using Flyway.

See for more information about the Flyway commands and configuration options used by this API.


  • Requirements
    • plugin versions <= v2.3.1 require XL Deploy 5.1.0+
    • plugin versions >= v3.0.0 require XL Deploy 8.5.0+


$ ./gradlew xlPlugin

And go to the build/distributions to find your plugin XLDP file.


Remove the previous plugin XLDP file from your SERVER_HOME/plugins directory. Next, place the plugin XLDP file into your SERVER_HOME/plugins directory. Finally, restart the server.


  1. Go to Repository - Infrastructure, create a new flyway.Runner.
  2. Create an environment under Repository - Environments
  3. Create an application with flyway.Scripts as deployable.
  4. Start migrating


  • flyway.Scripts
    • username - string - The user to use to connect to the database.
    • password - string - The password to use to connect to the database.
    • schemas - set_of_string - Case-sensitive list of schemas managed by Flyway.
      • table - string - The name of Flyway's metadata table.
      • locations - set_of_string - List of locations to scan recursively for migrations.
      • encoding - string - The encoding of Sql migrations.
      • baselineOnMigrate - boolean - Whether to automatically call baseline when migrate is executed against a non-empty schema with no metadata table. This is useful for initial Flyway production deployments on projects with an existing DB.
      • repair - boolean - Repairs the Flyway metadata table.
    • outOfOrder - boolean - Allows migrations to be run "out of order". If you already have versions 1 and 3 applied, and now a version 2 is found, it will be applied too instead of being ignored.
    • validateOnMigrate - boolean - Whether to automatically call validate or not when running migrate.
    • When using Java based migrations, the java classes need to be in a jar with name db.jar and under the folder artifact.
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