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Basic ARM Template


Azure Resource Manager is the deployment and management service for Azure. It provides a consistent management layer that enables you to create, update, and delete resources in your Azure subscription. You can use its access control, auditing, and tagging features to secure and organize your resources after deployment.

Use this blueprint to provision a single VM using an ARM template.

Before you get started

If you're new to XebiaLabs blueprints, check out:


  • XebiaLabs Release Orchestration and Deployment Automation up and running
  • Azure credentials that allow creating the infrastructure

Security warning

This blueprint will store your Azure credentials as well as the admin password in plain text in a file called xebialabs/secrets.xlvals. This is not production-level secure. If you wish to use a more secure method for dealing with secrets and passwords, refer to the showcases/dictionaries-and-secret-stores blueprint for a demonstration that uses CyberArk Conjur or HashiCorp Vault to better store and handle secrets.


To use this blueprint, run xl blueprint in an empty directory and select:


Tools and technologies

This blueprint includes the following tools and technologies:

Minimum required versions

This blueprint version requires at least the following versions of the specified tools to work properly:

  • XL Release: Version 9.0
  • XL Deploy: Version 9.0
  • XL CLI: Version 9.0

Information required

  • Azure Credentials
  • Azure Resource Group
  • Azure Region


  • Release templates
  • ARM template


  • Cloud
  • Microsoft
  • Azure
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