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Docker Environment


Use this blueprint to define an environment for your Docker engine in XL Deploy.

Before you get started

If you're new to XebiaLabs blueprints, check out:


To use this blueprint, run xl blueprint and select:


If you accept the defaults, the environment will refer to a Docker proxy that is running in the same Docker instance as the XL Deploy container. Use the xl-devops-platform blueprint to create a Docker Compose that sets up XL Deploy and the Docker proxy correctly for this functionality to work.

Tools and technologies

This blueprint includes the following tools and technologies:

  • Target:
    • Docker


This blueprint requires:

  • A running Docker engine

Information required

This blueprint requires:

  • The URL for your Docker engine


This blueprint will output:

  • The file xebialabs/docker-environment.yaml that defines an XL Deploy environment for your Docker engine.

Tips and tricks

You can use xl-devops-platform blueprint to generate docker-compose file including XLD and Docker Proxy images.


  • Docker
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