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Welcome to the Deployit community plugin repository on github!
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The new community plugins are hosted on Not all plugins have been migrated yet, so if you want to make some changes to a plugin within this repo, please migrate the plugin first. Information on how to do this can be found at:

XL Community Plugins - old structure

Welcome to the XL community plugin repository on GitHub!

Here you will find plugins that can be used to add capabilities to your existing XL product installation. The source code for the plugins is also provided if you are curious to see how a plugin works or want to improve it.

Note: Community plugins are provided on an as-is basis as a service to XL Deploy users. These plugins are not covered by the XebiaLabs support policy. If you need help with a community plugin, you can post on the XL Deploy user forum or contact XebiaLabs Support to request assistance from the Professional Services department.

Finding a plugin

All plugins are located in directories in the main community-plugins repository. Browse the main directory to find the list of plugins and navigate to a plugin directory to find the plugin's documentation and source code.


This directory contains XL Deploy plugins that are based on the Unified Deployment Model (UDM).


This directory contains XL Deploy server plugins that influence server behavior.


This directory contains XL Deploy command-line interface (CLI) plugins that influence CLI behavior.


This directory contains plugins for external tools that interact with XL Deploy.


This directory contains example plugins that can be used for tutorials and as a starting-off point for new plugins.

Downloading a plugin

You can find compiled, ready-to-install binaries in the Downloads location. If you want, you can clone or fork the repository and compile the plugin from the source code.

Installing a plugin

Installing a plugin is as simple as copying the plugin jar file into the plugins directory in your XL Deploy server installation directory. See the XL Deploy System Administration Manual for more information.

Building community plugins

To build the plugins in the community plugins repository:

  1. Check out the community repository at
  2. Ensure that Java 1.7 and Maven are installed.
  3. Ensure that Maven is using Java 1.7 (otherwise, there may be issues when building).
  4. Create a folder DEPLOYIT_HOME/extracted-plugins and use an archiving tool (e.g. 7-Zip) to extract the following plugin JAR files from the corresponding XLDP files in DEPLOYIT_HOME/plugins: base-plugin, deployment-checklist-plugin, generic-plugin, jee-plugin, python-plugin, remoting-plugin, webserver-plugin, wls-plugin (alternatively, you can skip building the liferay-plugin, which is the only plugin that requires the wls-plugin)
  5. Export an environment variable called DEPLOYIT_HOME and point it to the XL Deploy home directory on your machine.
  6. Export an environment variable called DEPLOYIT_CLI_HOME and point it to the XL Deploy CLI home directory on your machine.
  7. Run mvn package or mvn clean install to build the plugins.

You will find the built plugins under each one's target folder.

Note: If you are using OS X, you can use the following commands for step #3. To change the Java version:

export JAVA_HOME=\`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7\`

To change the Maven Java version:

echo JAVA_HOME=\`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7\` | sudo tee -a /etc/mavenrc

Contributing to a plugin

If you want to add features to a plugin, fix a bug, or otherwise contribute, great! Fork the community-plugins repository, make your changes, test them, and submit a pull request to us so we can incorporate your changes and make them available to other XL Deploy users.

Discussing plugins

The XL Deploy user forum is a place where you can discuss these community plugins, as well as other XL Deploy installation and configuration topics, with fellow XL Deploy users.


We hope the plugins provided here will help you make the most of XL Deploy. Please let us know what you think by posting a message on our support site at



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