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Tony Spataro's bash profile
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Tony Spataro's shared bash profile directory.

Install / Usage

First, fork this repository to make it your own.

Next, clone your fork onto the machine where you want to use the dotfiles. I generally clone it directly into a hidden directory under my home.

$ git clone ~/.bash_profile.shared

Finally, setup your main .bash_profile so it will pull in all of these files. If you have any system-local dotfiles, you can store those under ~/.bash_profile.d as per the standard.

Example .bash_profile

source ~/.bashrc

for script in $HOME/.bash_profile.d/*.sh ; do
    if [ -r $script ] ; then
        . $script

for script in $HOME/.bash_profile.shared/*.sh; do
    if [ -r $script ] ; then
        . $script
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