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C to ePL Compiler v1.0


What is the C to ePL Compiler

c-to-epl is a coder converter that will allow you to convert your C algorithms to the ePL language usable on the XEL network. Since ePL does not allow for the usage of function return values or function arguments, c-to-epl will make your life a lot easier.

Known Problems

c-to-epl is still work-in-progress and may contain severe bugs. Furthermore, is does not yet support any of the following features:

  • Does not allow the initialization for arrays
  • You are allowed to use only one function call either standalone or in a variable initialization. Using function calls in more complex statements will fail
  • No pointers
  • No structs, no enums, no typedefs
  • Many other things may fail: if you experience a bug, please feel free to submit an issue or a pull request
  • Do not reuse variables in different scoped at the moment, its broken!
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