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The following people have contributed major resources and/or significant patches
to Openswan 2.x. There are many more unlisted contributors. If you feel you or
your company are missing, please contact
Michael Richardson <> - KLIPS, OCF, IKEv2, testing
Paul Wouters <> - IKEv2, packaging, porting, support
Antony Antony <> - IKEv2, testing
Ken Bantoft <> - DPD, cross compiling, integration
Bart Trojanowski <> - OCF, KLIPS
Herbert Xu <> - NETKEY / XFRM, IKEv2, NAT-T
David McCullough <> - KLIPS, OCF
D. Hugh Redelmeier <> - Bug fixer extraordinaire
Andreas Steffen <> - X.509 Certificates
Dr{Who} on Freenode - Porting NAT-T + XAUTH to Openswan 2.x
Jacco de Leeuw <> - Fixes for MS Interop
Mathieu Lafon <> - NAT-T Support
Nate Carlson - Force NAT-T framework, KLIPS for 2.6, etc...
Stephen Bevan <> - RFC2409 port selectors
Tuomo Soini <> - NETKEY, KLIPS, _updown scripts and more
Matthew Galgoci <>
Miloslav Trmac <>
Avesh Agarwal <>, USE_LIBNSS, SElinux
Hiren Joshi Cyberoam [] - Various fixes
Shingo Yamawaki <> - Various KLIPS patches
Openswan is a fork of the FreeS/WAN 2.04 codebase.
Please see the doc/CREDITS.freeswan file from FreeS/WAN for details on
original work.
Xelerance ( has sponsored the continued development
of Openswan since version 1.0
RedHat ( sponsored the development of IKEv2, USE_LIBNSS
and various fixes related to NETKEY.
Secure Computing / Snapgear contributed OCF integration, DYNDNS support and many
other KLIPS and userland related fixes.
IXIA Communications ( sponsored the cryptographic
refit in pluto, which permitted Aggressive mode to be incorporated safely.
Sony Japan contributed many fixes to KLIPS, and sponsored IPsec/L2TP development
Siemens Germany sponsored IPsec/L2TP development
Emagister sponsored IPsec/L2TP development
Astaro ( contributed patches and hardware
HP ( donated hardware
Cyberoam ( contributed various patches