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Official Xelerance fork of L2TPd
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Latest commit c379d12 Mar 31, 2016 @xelerance Merge pull request #105 from shussain/spell_typo_text
Fixing minor typo and spelling mistake in xl2tpd.conf.5, l2tpd.conf.sample and code
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contrib Better NETBSD support. Jan 16, 2014
debian minor/cosmetic fixes to debian/ Mar 8, 2016
doc Fixing minor spelling mistakes in xl2tpd.conf.5 and l2tpd.conf.sample Mar 30, 2016
examples Upgrade options (in global contex) according to their keyword words i… Mar 24, 2013
packaging Bumped the version in the packages Nov 15, 2013
scripts remove script in favour of packaging one Nov 27, 2005
.gitignore tags: remove and ignore it from repo. Aug 12, 2015
BUGS Update URL in BUGS file Oct 25, 2015
CHANGES Update VERSION to 1.3.7 Mar 29, 2016
CREDITS Updated credits Dec 12, 2009
LICENSE Revert "Add a license exception to link xl2tpd with OpenSSL" Jan 10, 2014
Makefile Removing -fno-builtin from CFLAGS Mar 30, 2016
README.xl2tpd Update URL Mar 8, 2016
TODO Improve xl2tpd control mechanism Apr 3, 2011
aaa.c Fixing minor spelling typo in code. Mar 30, 2016
aaa.h Revert "Patches from Fedora to use Openssl MD5 instead of our own" Jan 10, 2014
avp.c Fixing minor spelling typo in code. Mar 30, 2016
avp.h fixes for gcc 4.xx Nov 25, 2005
avpsend.c Fixing minor spelling typo in code. Mar 30, 2016
call.c Fixing minor spelling typo in code. Mar 30, 2016
call.h Place the PPP frame buffer to the call structure Jun 19, 2015
common.h change SOL_IP to IPPROTO_IP. Fixes for OpenBSD. patch by Stephen Ayotte Oct 26, 2008
control.c Fixing minor spelling typo in code. Mar 30, 2016
control.h change handle_special to return a value indicating if it frees the bu… Aug 5, 2015
file.c Fixing minor spelling typo in code. Mar 30, 2016
file.h Add local ip range option. Mar 8, 2016
ipsecmast.h * SAREF: added option "ipsec refinfo" with a new default value of 30 Oct 3, 2011
l2tp.h Update VERSION to 1.3.7rc1 Mar 8, 2016
md5.c Minor compilation fixes Mar 9, 2016
md5.h random fixes Jun 12, 2015
misc.c Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel Nov 25, 2015
misc.h Fix build errors caused by inline function with gcc 5 Sep 23, 2015
network.c Fixing minor spelling typo in code. Mar 30, 2016
osport.h Initial commit Nov 19, 2005
pty.c Better NETBSD support. Jan 16, 2014
scheduler.c Patch by Shingo Yamawaki Oct 10, 2008
scheduler.h Patch by Shingo Yamawaki Oct 10, 2008
xl2tpd-control.c xl2tpd-control: show all available commands in --help. Jul 22, 2015
xl2tpd.c Update copyright year Mar 8, 2016


URL         :
Summary     : Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol Daemon (RFC 2661)
Description :
xl2tpd is an implementation of the Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol (RFC 2661).
L2TP allows you to tunnel PPP over UDP. Some ISPs use L2TP to tunnel user
sessions from dial-in servers (modem banks, ADSL DSLAMs) to back-end PPP
servers. Another important application is Virtual Private Networks where
the IPsec protocol is used to secure the L2TP connection (L2TP/IPsec,
RFC 3193). The L2TP/IPsec protocol is mainly used by Windows and
Mac OS X clients. On Linux, xl2tpd can be used in combination with IPsec
implementations such as Openswan.
Example configuration files for such a setup are included in this RPM.

xl2tpd works by opening a pseudo-tty for communicating with pppd.
It runs completely in userspace but supports kernel mode L2TP. 

xl2tpd supports IPsec SA Reference tracking to enable overlapping internak
NAT'ed IP's by different clients (eg all clients connecting from their
linksys internal IP as well as multiple clients behind
the same NAT router.

xl2tpd supports the pppol2tp kernel mode operations on 2.6.23 or higher,
or via a patch in contrib for 2.4.x kernels. Note that kernel mode and
IPsec SA Reference tracking do not yet work together.

Xl2tpd is based on the 0.69 L2TP by Jeff McAdams <>
It was de-facto maintained by Jacco de Leeuw <> in 2002 and 2003.

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