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@shussain shussain released this Apr 17, 2019 · 43 commits to master since this release

v1.3.14 (April 17, 2019)

  • osport.h: replace SUSv3-specific functions by POSIX variants [Fabrice Fontaine]
  • avp: Error Code field in Result Code AVP is optional [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network_thread: Early continue in loop to remove huge indented block [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network_thread: Simplify while loop using for loop [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network: connect_pppol2tp: early return to avoid huge indentation block [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • xl2tpd: start_pppd: Fix truncation of last character [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • handle_packet: Remove unneded else clause when handling payload [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • control: Split control message handling into its own function [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • handle_packet: Rearrange code flow to simplify it [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • avp: Early failure if no handler to remove indent block [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • xl2tpd: Mark internal symbols as static [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • Fix indentation and whitespace in code block [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • xl2tpd: Remove unused variable [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network: Add missing close(kernel_fd) on init network failure [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • network: Add missing close(server_fd) on init network failure [Pau Espin Pedrol]
  • Add 'cap backoff' option, limiting exponential backoff retries will
    be delayed by exponentially longer time, unless that time is capped
    by configuration. [Bart Trojanowski]
  • Add program to show status icon in system tray. [Github user: username34]
  • Add info on building and installing xl2tpd [Samir Hussain]
  • Update formatting of [Samir Hussain]
  • Rename README.xl2tpd to [Samir Hussain]
  • Update Debian changelog [Samir Hussain]
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