@shussain shussain released this Mar 8, 2017 · 62 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Another one fix for control buf handling in udp_xmit (Sergey Ryazanov)
  • Fixing minor bug in Linux that was introduced by 90368 (Samir Hussain)
  • Fix control buffer handling in udp_xmit (rsa9000)
  • Avoid using IP_PKTINFO with non-Linux systems (Sergey Ryazanov)
  • Remove duplicated UDP checksum disabling (Sergey Ryazanov)
  • Handle LDLIBS carefully (Sergey Ryazanov)
  • Avoid false-positive warning message from not smart compilers (Sergey Ryazanov)
  • Correctly activate XPG4v2 support (Sergey Ryazanov)
  • Simplify signal header inclusion (Sergey Ryazanov)
  • Adding info on the mailing lists (Samir Hussain)
  • Fixing minor spelling typo in code. (Samir Hussain)
  • Fixing minor spelling mistakes in xl2tpd.conf.5 and l2tpd.conf.sample (Samir Hussain)
  • Removing -fno-builtin from CFLAGS (Samir Hussain)