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Tag, Browse, and Share Your Photos
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AUTHORS - Fixed #64 (Add multi-language support (internationalization))
LICENSE - Add GPLv2 license
TRANSLATIONS Add Russian translation from Eugene Pazhitnov
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phTagr - Tag, Browse, and Share Your Photos

phTagr is an open source web gallery to organize your photos with embedded meta
data, to browse your photos and videos by tags and to share your digital life
with friends due multiple user accounts and accress rights. You can enrich, and
to share your media, build your own social photo gallery for your community or
create your stock photo gallery in your own cloud.  

You can run phtagr on your own hardware to have full control about your
pictures, photos, and videos. Use the photo gallery at home or in the cloud. All
you need is a webserver with PHP and mysql.

For more details please visit following sites

Main page


Demo gallery

Project page with documention and ticket

Install instructions

Mailing list
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