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WP Post Thumbnail Endpoint

This WordPress plugin provides a special URL dependent only on Post ID that, when visited, redirects to the Post Thumbnail (aka Featured Image) corresponding to the provided ID.

This can particularily be useful when implementing client-side JavaScript features (in a theme or plugin) that need to display Post Thumbnail based only on Post ID, without sending additional AJAX requests.


Place the Plugin directory inside wp-content/plugins in your WordPress installation. Then go to plugins administration screen and activate the Plugin.

You can also directly include the main plugin file plugin.php in your own plugin or theme. This plugin will be active as long as the plugin or theme referencing it remains active.


Post thumbnail URL

Once the plugin has been installed, post thumbnails are accessible via the following URL:


or, if pretty permalinks are enabled, via:


Post thumbnail size may be specified in the URL either by adding size query variable to the raw URL:


or by appending it to the pretty URL:


The size provided in the URL must be one of the registered thumbnail size names, i.e. built-in sizes ("thumbnail", "medium", "large" and "full") or those added explicitly via add_image_size(). Unrecognized size names will be ignored, which will result in redirection to the original (unresized) image.


The Plugin provides two functions for building unified post thumbnail URLs:

  • get_post_thumbnail_endpoint_structure()

    which returns the current structure for unified URLs, with post_id and size parameters given as %post_id% and %size% respectively. This can be used as an URL template on the client side.

  • get_post_thumbnail_endpoint( $post_id [, $size ] )

    which returns the unified post thumbnail URL for the given post ID and optionally specified thumbnail size


This plugin is intended for use by theme/plugin developers rather than end users, as it provides no usable functionality for the latter.


A WordPress plugin that provides a special URL for accessing Post Thumbnails by their corresponding Post ID




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