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Comic Horror Fishing Buddies

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A WIP multiplayer mod for DREDGE. Currently early alpha and might not work as intended. Installable using the Dredge Mod Manager.

cosmic horror fishing buddies

Huge thanks to JohnCorby for helping me set up Mirror with the mod. And shout-out to _nebula and everyone who's contributed to Quantum Space Buddies, for the inspiration and code that I stole.

How to Install

Download the DREDGE Mod Manager from!

Features (spoilers)

What is synced:

  • Player movement
  • Engine sounds & ship wake
  • Time
    • Fast forwarding - all players must be fast-forwarding too or at least in port for time to speed up
  • Fishing spots
    • Stock is synced but "special" status isn't currently
  • Abilities
    • Light
    • Foghorn
    • Manifest
    • Banish (has effects but only works locally)
    • Atrophy
    • Haste (missing vfx)
    • Trawl net
    • Bait
    • Crab pots (inventory not yet synced)
  • Ship appearance
    • Rigidbody boat assets (net, tires) don't animate yet
  • World Events
    • Only the occurrence of events is currently synced, will also have to sync the movement of whatever is spawned by the event

fishing buddies 2

What is not synced (roadmap):

  • Location/quest specific details
  • Weather
  • Enemies
  • Waves
  • Collisions?

Dependencies (included)