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Most things which used to be in here were moved to xen-tools' issue tracker at GitHub.

Bugs to fix and features to add for 5.0

  • Fix xdm and gdm roles wrt. to uptodate package names.

  • Test and support more file system types.

    Actually this should be pretty simple now that the parameters are stored in the configuration hash.

  • Setup locales in the hooks?

    Currently no locales are set and this causes several domU errors which appear in the domU's logs.

  • Generic grub support

    This will generate a much nicer menu.lst as a side effect, as its currently generated once at install, and is never updated. Installing a full grub into the domU should update the menu.lst every time a new kernel is installed and will also use the domU distro's menu.lst conform.

  • More generic roles

    Deploy a web server or setup ssmtp directly via flag when setting up the machine. Open to suggestions, should just be some general use-cases that are fairly common.

  • Sections for the xen-tools.conf file

    Currently it's really annoying when you are trying to create VMs on multiple subnets. It would be nice to specify with a flag what "type" of configuration you want, and a set of options specific to that flag could be parsed from xen-tools.conf

  • Parse numerical parameters transparently for the user

    The user shouldn't have to know whether he should specify size as <size>G or <size>Gb or <size>. This should be parsed without user interaction and rely on a common format.

  • Make used Xen toolstack configurable, i.e. via --xen-toolstack=xl

  • Add test for --size constraints (upper- and lowercase letters, with and without B, etc.)

    • Needs a --dry-run or --check-constraints option in xen-create-image first. Which probably both would be a good idea.

Stuff from Steve's TODO list / Generic TODOs

  • Write more test cases.

  • xen-delete-image should unallocate any used IP addresses.