Ansible modules for managing Solaris/illumos systems, which have not been upstreamed yet.
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Ansible modules for managing Solarish systems

This repository contains modules for managing certain aspects of Solarish systems. There are plans to bring these modules into ansible-modules-extra repository in the future. These modules are developed under OpenIndiana or SmartOS. Modules are also known to work on Oracle Solaris.

So far, following modules have been developed:

Solaris/illumos networking

  • dladm_etherstub - Manage etherstubs on Solaris/illumos systems. (already upstreamed)
  • dladm_vnic - Manage VNICs on Solaris/illumos systems. (already upstreamed)
  • dladm_iptun - manage IP tunnel interfaces on Solaris/illumos systems. (already upstreamed)
  • dladm_vlan - manage VLAN links on Solaris/illumos systems (already upstreamed)
  • dladm_linkprop - manage link properties on Solaris/illumos systems. (already upstreamed)
  • ipadm_addr - manage IP addresses on Solaris/illumos systems. (already upstreamed)
  • ipadm_addrprop - manage IP address properties on Solaris/illumos systems. (already upstreamed)
  • ipadm_if - Manage IP interfaces on Solaris/illumos systems. (already upstreamed)
  • ipadm_ifprop - manage interface properties on Solaris/illumos systems. (already upstreamed)
  • ipadm_prop - Manage protocol properties on Solaris/illumos systems. (already upstreamed)
  • flowadm - Manage bandwidth resource control and priority for protocols, services and zones. (already upstreamed)

Solaris/illumos processes

ZFS datasets and pools

  • zfs_facts - Gather facts about ZFS datasets. (already upstreamed)
  • zpool_facts - Gather facts about ZFS pools. (already upstreamed)

Boot Environments

  • beadm - manage ZFS boot environments on Solaris/illumos/FreeBSD systems. (already upstreamed)


How to install

Download desired modules and place it under library/ directory in your ansible repository.

Future development and desired modules

I plan to develop more modules. The list of following modules, which I will be working on in the near future:



  • dladm_aggr - manage link aggregations on Solaris/illumos systems
  • dladm_bridge - manage bridges on Solaris/illumos systems
  • routeadm - manage IP forwarding and routing configuration on Solaris/illumos systems


  • coreadm - core file administration
  • dumpadm - configure operating system crash dump
  • ldom_facts - gather facts about LDOMs
  • kstat_facts - query kstats for facts


  • zpool - manage (Open)ZFS pools on Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris/illumos systems


  • logadm - manage log rotations on Solaris/illumos systems


  • smf_property - manage SMF properties on Solaris/illumos systems
  • smf_manifest - manage SMF manifests on Solaris/illumos systems
  • smf_instance - manage SMF instances on Solaris/illumos systems

Boot Environments

  • beadm_facts - get facts about boot environments on Solaris/illumos/FreeBSD systems


  • pkg5_mediator - manage IPS mediators on Solaris/illumos systems

Other ideas

I am also open to new ideas for modules and collaboration.


In the future, I might also develop modules for SmartOS. However, I am not using it on a daily basis nowadays, so development might lag.


  • nictagadm - manage nic tags on SmartOS systems