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+title: "SWAN: Scaling Walls A Note at a Time"
+ - projects
+## About the organization
+SWAN's mission is to enrich the lives of children of incarcerated individuals through private instrumental music lessons, ensemble training, participation in community performances, and varied mentorship programs. Children will be taught music literacy and the skill of playing an instrument via private and group lessons. They will have opportunity to work as an ensemble and then to serve their community by performing in concerts at nursing homes and other community venues. An after-school program featuring hand-drums, visiting musicians, discussion times and hands on activities as well as homework help will be offered. Mentoring is a fundamental aspect of this project. Children will be mentored by the musicians involved as well as by citizen advocates. SWAN's advocates will be encouraged to develop a relationship with the enrolled child and their immediate family, including the incarcerated one, through letter writing and visitation.
+The impact will positively affect the entire community. It will enrich our students' lives socially, scholastically and emotionally by teaching them skills that can be referred to throughout their entire lives. This is an investment that will offer hope and inspire productivity and service to others.
+Children of incarcerated individuals are 72% more likely to end up in prison themselves and little is being done across the nation, on an ongoing basis, to make a positive impact on their vulnerable lives. SWAN's proposed program is an innovative solution that will positively impact their lives to change this seemingly hopeless statistic. Children who play an instrument are less likely to be addicted to drugs, alcohol or tobacco. They are more likely to stay in school, to get better grades and to socialize well. Children who have advocates improve scholastically, personally and socially within the first year of having an advocate. This program will insure safer communities as these children's lives are invested in, as well as save billions of dollars per state by keeping them out of correctional facilities. There is not a program of this sort anywhere in the US. It is their goal to replicate this program from city to city across the nation.
+SWAN was incorporated in March 2011 and their 501 (c)(3) status is pending.
+## About the project
+SWAN urgently needs a website developed to advertise their programs, and to coincide with their planned public launch near the end of October.
+## Tasks for developers
+Basic tasks include, among other things:
+ - information about the programs and organization, including video and photos
+ - announcement of events/ events calendar
+ - accepting donations/ sale of promotional material
+ - incorporating design elements into the site from a logo, print brochure, and t-shirt
+ - setting up email accounts
+## Project Contact
+**Eric Gjertsen**<br>
+Mendicant University alumnus<br>
+[ericgj72 at gmail dot com](
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title: "Doc Week"
-## Oct 1 - 7
+## October 1 - 7, 2011
+Mendicant University is pleased to announce "**[Doc Week](**", a concerted effort to augment and enhance Ruby MRI documentation.
+Taking place during the **first week of October**, this program is targeted especially towards developers who have never (or only infrequently) contributed to OSS. We've put together a team of MU alumni who will be available to give feedback and walk you through the process of preparing and submitting a documentation patch.
+**Only about 60% of Ruby is adequately documented**, so this week will offer loads of great learning and code diving opportunities, and a great chance to learn more about Ruby 1.9.3!
+For the instant gratification factor, we've hooked up with Ruby core committer **Eric Hodel**, who will be setting aside some time to review and apply the submitted patches as they come in.
+We are also expecting support from **Steve Klabnik**, an active contributor to the MRI documentation. Steve has written an excellent guide on **[Contributing to Ruby's Documentation](**. Go read it! It has nice step by step instructions and a screencast
+that will help you get a feel for how to contribute patches.
+Check this space in the coming days for more resources and suggestions for research.
+We'll have some office hours available for drop-in sessions during the week, but you can sign up now to schedule an appointment at a time that's convenient for you.
+To sign up, **[open an issue on the MU mentoring github repo](**. Make sure you include the following info:
+ - your name, or how you'd like to be identified
+ - your email
+ - your availability for meeting (dates and times) during the week of Oct 1-7
+ - if possible, a proposal or rough idea of what you'd like to document.

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