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# Mendicant University Projects
-**[Mendicant University](** supports programmers in developing both their technical skills and their social contributions, to make a real positive impact upon the world.
-Mendicant University currently offers practical training, social networking, and mentoring. All of the services of Mendicant University are provided free of charge by volunteers without any commercial sponsorship, and all of the software that is developed through our projects are made public under Free Software licenses.
-Founded by Gregory Brown, with the help of Jordan Byron, Mendicant University now has four staff members, a growing team of mentors, and a highly active and international alumni network.
-The work of Mendicant University was recently recognized with an **[Ignition grant](** for social entrepreneurship, presented at RailsConf 2011, the global conference for the Ruby on Rails community.
-- **[A short interview](** with Gregory Brown about Mendicant University, published on InfoQ.
-- **[Jordan Byron's talk](** on the technology produced by Mendicant University, given at RailsConf.
+Jekyll based projects site hosted at <>

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