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Xendit REST API Client for Node.js - Card, Virtual Account, Invoice, Disbursement, Recurring Payments, Payout, EWallet, Balance, Retail Outlets, QR Codes, Direct Debit

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Xendit Node SDK

Xendit Node SDK

The official Xendit Node SDK provides a simple and convenient way to call Xendit's REST API in applications written in Node.

  • Package version: 5.0.0

Getting Started



Node 18.0 and later.

Install with npm

npm install xendit-node@latest --save

TypeScript support is included in this package.


The SDK needs to be instantiated using your secret API key obtained from the Xendit Dashboard. You can sign up for a free Dashboard account here.

import { Xendit } from 'xendit-node';

const xenditClient = new Xendit({
  secretKey: SECRET_API_KEY,

Custom Xendit URL

By default, the SDK will use the Xendit production URL ( to make API requests.
If you need to override the default Xendit URL, you can pass in a custom URL to the Xendit constructor.

const xenditClient = new Xendit({
  secretKey: SECRET_API_KEY,
  xenditURL: 'https://mock-server.localhost:3000',


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