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Captured GPU traces and reference imagery for automated regression testing.

Running Tests

To run tests check out the main xenia repo, ensure you have Git LFS installed, and run:

  $ xb gputest

You can find a results file at build/gputest/results.html containing diffs.

Adding Traces

Pass --trace_gpu_prefix=testdata/reference-gpu-traces/traces/ to xenia to have captured traces be automatically placed in the right folder, or copy your new trace files to traces/ and git add.

Run the reference update only for your new files:

  $ xb gputest --generate_missing_reference_files

Commit the new traces and reference files.

Updating Golden Reference Imagery

  $ xb gputest --update_reference_files

Commit any diffs (ensuring LFS is setup) and then bump the main xenia submodule revision.