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You must have a 64-bit machine for building and running the project. Always run your system updater before building and make sure you have the latest drivers.



git clone
cd xenia
xb setup

# Build on command line (add --config=release for release):
xb build

# Pull latest changes, rebase, update submodules, and run premake:
xb pull

# Run premake and open Visual Studio (run the 'xenia-app' project):
xb devenv

# Run premake to update the sln/vcproj's:
xb premake

# Format code to the style guide:
xb format


VS behaves oddly with the debug paths. Open the 'xenia-app' project properties and set the 'Command' to $(SolutionDir)$(TargetPath) and the 'Working Directory' to $(SolutionDir)..\... You can specify flags and the file to run in the 'Command Arguments' field (or use --flagfile=flags.txt).

By default logs are written to a file with the name of the executable. You can override this with --log_file=log.txt.

If running under Visual Studio and you want to look at the JIT'ed code (available around 0xA0000000) you should pass --emit_source_annotations to get helpful spacers/movs in the disassembly.


Linux support is extremely experimental and presently incomplete.

The build script uses LLVM/Clang 9. GCC while it should work in theory, is not easily interchangeable right now.

  • Normal building via xb build uses Make.
  • CodeLite is supported. xb devenv will generate a workspace and attempt to open it. Your distribution's version may be out of date so check their website.
  • Experimental CMake generation is available to facilitate use of other IDEs such as CLion. If clion is available inside $PATH, xb devenv will start it. Otherwise build/CMakeLists.txt needs to be generated by invoking xb premake --devenv=cmake manually.

Clang-9 or newer should be available from system repositories on all up to date distributions. You will also need some development libraries. To get them on an Ubuntu system:

sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev libpthread-stubs0-dev liblz4-dev libx11-dev libx11-xcb-dev libvulkan-dev libsdl2-dev libiberty-dev libunwind-dev libc++-dev libc++abi-dev

In addition, you will need up to date Vulkan libraries and drivers for your hardware, which most distributions have in their standard repositories nowadays.


To make life easier you can set the program startup arguments in your IDE to something like --log_file=stdout /path/to/Default.xex to log to console rather than a file and start up the emulator right away.