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Xenia Master FAQ | Xenia Canary FAQ

Table of Contents

How do I use Xenia?

Refer to the Quickstart page.

What are Xenia's system requirements?

Refer to the Quickstart page.

How do I improve performance?

Upgrade your PC or wait for optimizations.

Why do I get an error saying "Your CPU does not support AVX"?

Your CPU doesn't meet the minimum requirements. (see above)

Does Xenia support OpenGL/Direct3D11?

No. (see system requirements above)

How do I fix the VCRUNTIME error?

Refer to the Quickstart page.

Why is the audio delayed?

Audio is one of the least worked on things in Xenia. There is no fix.

How do I fix "Graphics device lost (probably due to an internal error"?

You can't.

Can you add support for Windows Me? How about my Pentium II?

Support for older operating systems and processors will not be added unless a contributor steps up to build and maintain them. All active contributors are on modern systems and busy with higher priority tasks. Whether the emulator runs on Windows Vista or not doesn't matter if it can't run games.

Does Xenia run on Linux or macOS?

Not natively, but Xenia may run with Wine on Linux using Vulkan.*

macOS is not compatible due to requiring MoltenVK/Metal support which isn't implemented in Xenia.

How do I dump games?

See the guide in Quickstart.

Can I dump games using an Xbox One/Series or run them directly from the disc?

No, and no.

Why is my game in trial/demo mode?

See this option.

How do I use xenia-vfs-dump?

xenia-vfs-dump is a command-line tool use for dumping content from STFS and SVOD containers.

You can download it from here.

Usage: xenia-vfs-dump [ContainerPath] [DestinationOutput]

Does game X run?

Check the compatibility list. If it's not there, ask in the Discord #help channel or test it yourself.


Why aren't saves working? (Storage device not found/full/not detected, etc)

Saves are broken in some games in Xenia, especially ones with user profile saves.

As for saves, etc that worked previously in older builds of Xenia, create a text file in the same directory as xenia.exe named portable.txt.

Where are saves stored?

Saves are in Documents\xenia\content by default.

If a portable.txt file is in the same directory as xenia.exe the content folder will be in the same directory as xenia.exe.


Xenia only supports XInput controllers by default, which includes but is not limited to Xbox 360, and Xbox One controllers.

For non-XInput controllers, SDL must be used.

Default keyboard layout (click to preview)

Xenia does not support mice, accessories like the Kinect, uDraw GameTablet, or microphones.

Can Xenia play games online with Xbox Live?

Xenia may connect to custom servers in the far future, but it will never connect to official Xbox Live servers.

Xenia does not support System Link either.

How do I check my FPS?

With an FPS indicator like Rivatuner.

What is ROV?

See ROV.

What are Xenia's options?

See the Options page.

What's the difference between Gameplay and Playable?

Gameplay means the game reaches gameplay, even if the game is unplayable.

Can Xenia run original Xbox games?

Xenia does not support backwards compatibility, and therefore, cannot run original Xbox games.

For that there's Cxbx-Reloaded and xqemu.

I have a copy of the XDK. Do you want it?

No. Do not post links or downloads to such resources or you will be banned.

Build tweaks


To play games in 4:3 you need to build Xenia with video_mode->is_widescreen = 0 instead of 1 here.

Refer to on GitHub


Refer to the Game hacks, mods, etc. page.