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How do I use Xenia?

Refer to the Quickstart page.

Can you add support for Windows Me? How about my Pentium II?

Support for older operating systems and processors will not be added unless a contributor steps up to build and maintain them. All active contributors are on modern systems and busy with higher priority tasks. Whether the emulator runs on Windows Vista or not doesn't matter if it can't run games.

Does Xenia run on Linux or macOS?

Not natively, but Xenia runs with Wine on Linux.

macOS is not compatible due to requiring MoltenVK support which isn't implemented in Xenia.

How do I dump/rip games?

See the guide in Quickstart.

Why is my game in trial/demo mode?

By default Xenia runs ALL XBLA/digital games in demo/trial mode.

To run games in full/activated mode you need to change license_mask = 0 to -1 in xenia.config.toml.

It will be in Documents\Xenia by default. If portable.txt is present it will be in the same directory as xenia.exe.

Does game X run?

Check the compatibility list. If it's not there, ask in the Discord #help channel or test it yourself.

Asking for a game to be fixed won't get it fixed any faster.

Can Xenia run OG (original) Xbox games?

Xenia does not support OG Xbox games/BC (backwards compatibility).

For that there's Cxbx-Reloaded and xqemu.

Can Xenia play games online with Xbox Live?

Xenia may connect to custom servers in the far future, but it will never connect to official Xbox Live servers.


Xenia natively supports XInput controllers, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Xbox 360 Controller
  • Xbox One Controller

For non-XInput controllers, wrapper(s) will have to be used:

If you have any problems with those you can also try launching xenia via Steam.

You can use the mouse to control the analog/joysticks, and rebind the keyboard controls with x360ce.

Default keyboard layout (click to expand)

Xbox 360 accessories like the Kinect are not supported.

How do I check my FPS?

With an FPS indicator like Rivatuner.


For all of Xenia's options, see the Options page.

What's the difference between Gameplay and Playable?

Gameplay means the game reaches gameplay, even if the game is unplayable.

I have a copy of the XDK. Do you want it?

No. Do not post links or downloads to such resources or you will be banned.

Build tweaks


To play games in 4:3 you need to build Xenia with video_mode->is_widescreen = 0 instead of 1 here.

Refer to on GitHub


See the Game hacks, mods, etc. page.


Make sure:

  • You're not using outdated or invalid launch parameters.
  • You downloaded a Release build, not a Checked one.

Saves are broken in a majority of games, especially ones with user profile saves.

As for saves, etc that worked previously in older builds of Xenia, create a text file in the same directory as xenia.exe named portable.txt.

Saves are in Documents\xenia\content by default.

If you're having problems with the Halo games make sure that your GPU supports D3D12.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary does not work.

Xenia is a work in progress so expect issues.

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