A plugin collection for PHPStorm supporting the Symfony2 development
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This plugin is abandonware. I do not have the time to maintain it any longer. If you want to take it and you are serious with it I add your jetbrains account as a developer on plugins.jetbrains.com.

Contact me via mail: mario a.t. xenji d.o.t. com

PHPStorm Symfony2 Plugins


This is my personal playground for building Symfony2 plugins for PHPStorm. PHPStorm is an awesome piece of software, crafted by the guys and gals at Jetbrains.

At the moment none of the plugins in this repo does work as expected, but this is OK, as long as you do not rely on it.


I have great respect for the work of Robert Gründler, who is working on a bunch of eclipse plugins here on github using his account pulse00. His work may inspire me to create a few implementations in PHPStorm.

Unfortunatly, tha IntellJ API and plugins documentations are way behind the eclipse ecosystem's documentation - which will make it slower anyway.