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Welcome to the Xenko source code repository!

Xenko is an open-source C# game engine for realistic rendering and VR. The engine is highly modular and aims at giving game makers more flexibility in their development. Xenko comes with an editor that allows you create and manage the content of your games or applications in a visual and intuitive way.

Xenko Editor

To learn more about Xenko, visit


Xenko is covered by MIT, unless stated otherwise (i.e. for some files that are copied from other projects).

You can find the list of third party projects here.

Contributors need to sign the following Contribution License Agreement.


Find explanations and information about Xenko:


Ask for help or report issues:

Building from source


  1. Git (recent version that includes LFS, or install Git LFS separately).
  2. Visual Studio 2019 with the following workloads:
  • .NET desktop development with .NET Framework 4.7.2 targeting pack
  • Desktop development with C++ with Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.0) or later, and VC++ 2017 version 15.9 v14.16 latest v141 tools or later (both should be enabled by default)
  • .NET Core cross-platform development
  • Optional (to target UWP): Universal Windows Platform development with Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.0)
  • Optional (to target iOS/Android): Mobile development with .NET and Android NDK R13B+ individual component
  1. FBX SDK 2019.0 VS2015

Build Xenko

  1. Clone Xenko: git clone
  2. Open <XenkoDir>\build\Xenko.sln with Visual Studio 2017, and build.
  3. Open <XenkoDir>\samples\XenkoSamples.sln and play with the samples.
  4. Optionally, open and build Xenko.Android.sln, Xenko.iOS.sln, etc...

Contribution Guidelines

Please check our Contributing Guidelines.

Build Status

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Windows D3D12
Windows Vulkan
Windows OpenGL
Windows OpenGL ES
Linux Vulkan
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Tests Windows D3D11
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