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[Build] Added some docs related to new build system

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@@ -7,16 +7,24 @@ This is a technical description what happens in our build and how it is organize
* [Targets](../Targets) contains the MSBuild target files used by Games
* [sources/common/targets](../sources/common/targets) (generic) and [sources/targets](../sources/targets) (Xenko-specific) contains the MSBuild target files used to build Xenko itself.

## Outputs
Since 3.1, we switched from our custom build system to the new csproj system with one nuget package per assembly.

We output one folder per platform+runtime combination. Since each graphics platform have mostly common files, the different files are output in graphics API specific subfolders.
We use `TargetFrameworks` to properly compile the different platforms using a single project (Android, iOS, etc...).

* `Windows`: contains most of the assemblies for the Windows platform
* `Windows\Direct3D11`: contains D3D11-specific assemblies
* `Windows\OpenGL`: contains OpenGL-specific assemblies
* `Android`: contains most of the assemblies for the Android platform
* `Android\OpenGLES`: contains OpenGLES-specific assemblies
Also, we use `RuntimeIdentifiers` to select graphics platform. [MSBuild.Sdk.Extras]( is used to properly build NuGet packages with multiple `RuntimeIdentifiers` (not supported out of the box).

### Limitations

* Dependencies are per `TargetFramework` and can't be done per `RuntimeIdentifier` (tracked in [NuGet#1660](
* FastUpToDate check doesn't work with multiple `TargetFrameworks` (tracked in [project-system#2487](

## NuGet resolver

Since we want to package tools (i.e. GameStudio, ConnectionRouter, CompilerApp) with a package that contains only the executable with proper dependencies to other NuGet runtime packages, we use NuGet API to resolve assemblies at runtime.

The code responsible for this is located in [Xenko.NuGetResolver](../sources/shared/Xenko.NuGetResolver).

Later, we might want to take advantage of .NET Core dependency resolving to do that natively. Also, we might want to use actual project information/dependencies to resolve to different runtime assemblies and better support plugins.

## Versioning

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