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;;; zone-words.el --- Discover words to describe emotions while you zone out.
;;; Commentary:
;; Discover words to describe emotions while you zone out.
;;; Code:
(require 'zone)
(require 'zone-words-emotions-dictionary)
(defvar zone-words-top-margin 2)
(defvar zone-words-left-margin 5)
(defvar zone-words-word-definition-margin 1)
(defvar zone-words-word-pause 10)
(defvar zone-words--word-lookup-func nil)
(defvar zone-words-word-word-wrap 75)
(defface zone-words--word-face
'((((class color) (background light))
:foreground "DarkGrey" :weight bold :height 2.0 :inherit variable-pitch)
(((class color) (background dark))
:foreground "white" :weight bold :height 2.5 :inherit variable-pitch)
(t :height 1.5 :weight bold :inherit variable-pitch))
"Face for title" :group 'zone-words)
(defun zone-words-preview ()
"Previews `zone-words'."
(let ((zone-programs [zone-words]))
(defun zone-words ()
"Display words to describe your emotions while you zone out."
(setq mode-line-format nil)
(zone-fill-out-screen (window-width) (window-height))
(while (not (input-pending-p))
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(goto-char (point-min))
(zone-words--insert-vertical-space zone-words-top-margin)
(let ((term (zone-words--word-lookup)))
(insert (zone-words-word--position-text (car term)))
(add-text-properties (line-beginning-position) (point)
(list 'face 'zone-words--word-face))
(zone-words--insert-vertical-space zone-words-word-definition-margin)
(insert (zone-words-word--position-text (cdr term))))
(zone-park/sit-for (point-min) zone-words-word-pause)))
(defun zone-words-word--position-text (text)
"Indent and wrap TEXT using `zone-words-left-margin' and `zone-words-word-word-wrap'."
(zone-words-word--indent-text zone-words-left-margin
text zone-words-word-word-wrap)))
(defun zone-words-word--indent-text (len text)
"Indent by LEN characters, given TEXT."
(replace-regexp-in-string "^"
(zone-words-word--string-repeat " " len)
;; From s.el.
(defun zone-words-word--word-wrap (s len)
"If S is longer than LEN, wrap the words with newlines."
(insert s)
(let ((fill-column len))
(fill-region (point-min) (point-max)))
(buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max))))
;; From s.el.
(defun zone-words-word--string-repeat (s num)
"Make a string of S repeated NUM times."
(let (ss)
(while (> num 0)
(setq ss (cons s ss))
(setq num (1- num)))
(apply 'concat ss)))
(defun zone-words--word-lookup ()
"Look up a term and return a cons with term and definition."
(if (functionp zone-words--word-lookup-func)
(funcall zone-words--word-lookup-func)
(let* ((word (zone-words-emotions-dictionary-lookup-emotion))
(definition (if (locate-file "wn" exec-path)
(shell-command-to-string (format "wn %s -over" word))
"\n\nFor the definition, you need wordnet installed on your machine.\n\nInstall with:\n\nbrew install wordnet (Mac OS)\n\napt-get install wordnet (Linux)")
(cons word definition))))
(defun zone-words--insert-vertical-space (n)
"Insert vertical space (ie. N new lines)."
(when (< n 1)
(error "Argument must be positive"))
(while (> n 0)
(insert "\n")
(setq n (- n 1))))
(provide 'zone-words)
;;; zone-words.el ends here