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Xenoform Labs Residency Program

Created by Scott Kildall

Hello and Who I am

My name is Scott Kildall and I'm a new media** artist who is running a residency program in San Francisco.

I'm looking for feedback and thoughts, so feel free to contact me!

** new media is a recognized discipline of art, like painting or sculpture. A shorthand for it might be art + technology with criticality. So, not just blinky blinky but rather digging into more conceptually meaty or socially engaged practices

What it is

Xenoform Labs provides an artist-in-residency program for visiting new media artists to develop experimental work and show their prototypes and ideas to artists, thinkers, curators and writers in the San Francisco area.

And what exatly is an artist-in-residency program?

Generally speaking, artist-in-residence programs exist to invite artists but also curators, writers and others to reside within the premises of an institution.

The idea is to give artists a chance to have focused worktime outside of their own enviroment. Shake loose ideas. Break patterns. Come up with something new.

The Key Challenge

And what I want to do here is to figure out a way to make the process be open — how do artists source their creativity? What is the process by which artists make their work. I'd like to shatter the myth of the genius and instead think about the conditions for imaginative possibilities.

This is where I'd love to get your thoughts and where I could use your insights.

Organizing Documents

My Canvas is here this shows a diagram of the problems-solutions overview

Copyright (c) 2017-2018, Xenoform Labs LLC

Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike



Residency Program for Xenoform Labs







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