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Makefile glcall debut. checked with gnu global 6.2.8 May 19, 2013


global gtags bash completed function name caller callee explorer

confirmed to work on gnu global version 6.2.8

quickly do function caller/callee analysis using gnu global 6.x feature and let bash completion to list out the next possible caller/callee site and let human to choose which one is correct

handy for code traversing in command line environment


sudo make install installs files to /usr/local/bin/. and /etc/bash_completion.d/.

Usage(linux kernel example)

$ cd linux
$ gtags

Usage(completing next calling function)

$ glcall -x start_kern[TAB]

$ glcall -x start_kernel [TAB]
Display all 124 possibilities? (y or n)
DEBUG_ADDRESSES           calibrate_delay           kmemleak_init             rest_init
DEBUG_LAST_STEPS          call_function_init        local_irq_disable         runkernel
EFI_RUNTIME_SERVICES      cgroup_init               local_irq_enable          sched_clock_init

$ glcall -x start_kernel [RET]
start_kernel:471 => cred_init:609         |init/main.c                         |cred_init();
start_kernel:471 => fork_init:610         |init/main.c                         |fork_init(totalram_pages);
start_kernel:471 => proc_caches_init:611  |init/main.c                         |proc_caches_init();
start_kernel:471 => buffer_init:612       |init/main.c                         |buffer_init();

$ glcall -x start_kernel setup_arch [TAB]....
$ glcall -x start_kernel setup_arch paging_init bootmem_init arm_bootmem_init[RET]
setup_arch:759 => paging_init:790         |arch/arm/kernel/setup.c             |paging_init(mdesc);
 paging_init:41 => bootmem_init:44         |arch/arm/mm/nommu.c                 |bootmem_init();
  bootmem_init:390 => arm_bootmem_init:398  |arch/arm/mm/init.c                  |arm_bootmem_init(min, max_low);
   arm_bootmem_init:155 => memblock_region:158  |arch/arm/mm/init.c                  |struct memblock_region *reg;
   arm_bootmem_init:155 => reg:158           |arch/arm/mm/init.c                  |struct memblock_region *r

Usage(completing next caller function)

$ glcall -r bio_end_flush [TAB]
$ glcall -r bio_end_flush blkdev_issue_flush ext4_sync_file ext4_release_dir ext4_release_dir
bio_end_flush:433 <= blkdev_issue_flush:408  |block/blk-flush.c                   |bio->bi_end_io = bio_end_flush;
 blkdev_issue_flush:171 <= ext4_sync_file:114  |fs/ext4/fsync.c                     |err = blkdev_issue_flush(inode->i_sb->s_bdev, GFP_KERNEL, NULL);
  ext4_sync_file:632 <= ext4_release_dir:616  |fs/ext4/dir.c                       |.fsync      = ext4_sync_file,
   ext4_release_dir:633 <= ext4_release_dir:616  |fs/ext4/dir.c                       |.release = ext4_release_dir,
   ext4_release_dir:633 <= ext4_release_dir:616  |fs/ext4/dir.c                       |.release    = ext4_release_dir,


  • use LLVM clang-ctags for more precise analysis of c/c++ code
  • or get static analysis information from DWARF not from source code should be better if DWARF is available
  • check other languages like haskell javascript python works...
  • not only CFG but DFG or CDFG and visualize the traversed call tree in browser in realtime or something...