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DS2 Sotfs Random Weapon Mod

Dark Souls II Random Wepaon mod for (Scolar and original)

This is a Random Weapon mod for Dark Souls II and Scholar

The mod does not include Sheilds, Bows, Talismans, staves, chimes or Pyromancy flame.

You can customize the timer (in seconds) for when it switches weapon.

Make sure you have control of your character before using this mod it might cause a bug so that mod doesn't work.

Weapons have random upgrade level.

The weapon icon will change when the weapon changes, same for the weight. !?

Dark souls II the orginal has a weird bug where some weapons one hit kill not really sure waht is causing it form plz fix.

When you apply infusion it's every infusion in the game (might be fixed if people really hate it).

DarkSoulsII (orginal) download link:!zZszTKjZ!6c7ely-CVdRt6I6P42Vy7ml0EQUrDaMSGNnomW6QzgQ

DarkSoulsII Sotfs downlaod link:!CEdgzAxZ!yi9xSVQtCgunOK1OZ2G4I92_UNwH9ry9J47gi3gsnGQ

you can't go hollow while using this mod, because im messing around with the hollow state to make this work.

Don't use this mod online, you will probably get banned.