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This project has 2 purposes.
1.) for a backup for my homework and and any revisions it goes through. I may
use this someday to say... look at how I used to do things :P
2.) to help further prevent teachers from repeatedly using the same assignments
and relying on the textbook as a crutch. If I wanted to do bookwork, and watch
someone read slides (without adding things) I would have bought the book myself
and read the slides in the mirror. If you are doing this please find another
job. You are a chaparone not a teacher.
If the file contains 'source code' (see LICENSE-gplv3) then it is licensed
under the GPLv3. If it contains anything else it is Licensed under Creative
Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0
merely by downloading these files binds you by the licenses
NOTE: this is my work. Nothing guarantee's it's correctness, and I may not fix
it once I get my grade.
-- Caleb Cushing <>
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