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@xenova xenova released this 23 Oct 15:52
· 156 commits to main since this release

What's new?

πŸ—£οΈ New task: Text to speech/audio

Due to popular demand, we've added text-to-speech support to Transformers.js! 😍


You can get started in just a few lines of code!

import { pipeline } from '@xenova/transformers';

let speaker_embeddings = '';
let synthesizer = await pipeline('text-to-speech', 'Xenova/speecht5_tts', { quantized: false });
let out = await synthesizer('Hello, my dog is cute', { speaker_embeddings });
// {
//   audio: Float32Array(26112) [-0.00005657337896991521, 0.00020583874720614403, ...],
//   sampling_rate: 16000
// }

You can then save the audio to a .wav file with the wavefile package:

import wavefile from 'wavefile';
import fs from 'fs';

let wav = new wavefile.WaveFile();
wav.fromScratch(1, out.sampling_rate, '32f',;
fs.writeFileSync('out.wav', wav.toBuffer());

Alternatively, you can play the file in your browser (see below).

Don't like the speaker's voice? Well, you can choose another from the >7000 speaker embeddings in the CMU Arctic dataset (see here)!

Note: currently, we only support TTS w/ speecht5, but in future we'll add others like bark and MMS!

πŸ–₯️ TTS demo and example app

To showcase the power of in-browser TTS, we're also releasing a simple example app (demo, code). Feel free to make improvements to it... and if you do (or end up building your own), please tag me on Twitter! πŸ€—


Misc. changes

  • Update falcon tokenizer in #344
  • Add more links to example section in #343
  • Improve electron example template in #342
  • Update example app dependencies in #347
  • Do not post-process < and > symbols generated from docs in #335

Full Changelog: 2.6.2...2.7.0