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Buildroot for xen-api and related packages, producing RPM and (experimentally) Debian packages.

RPM-based distributions

On RPM-based distributions, the packages are built using mock. To install it on a 64-bit RHEL/CentOS system then you will need to add the EPEL repositories. The epel-release package configures yum to use the EPEL repository. On CentOS, the package is provided by the CentOS Extras repository, which is enabled by default; on RHEL, you must enable the 'optional' and 'extras' repositories. To enable EPEL, type the following as root:

yum install -y epel-release

After adding EPEL, install a couple of prerequisites:

yum install -y mock redhat-lsb-core centos-release-xen

Mock will refuse to run as root. You must choose a non-privileged user to run mock as. Type the following as root:

(Note select a <user> which isn't "mock" when typing the commands below)

useradd <user> -G mock
passwd <user>

su --login <user>

You are now ready to clone the buildroot repository and build the packages:

git clone git://
cd buildroot


Finally, install the packages you have just built, run the install wizard to configure your system to boot Xen and start the buildroot components on boot, then reboot:

make install

Debian-based distributions (experimental)

Building Debian packages is experimental!

The Debian/Ubuntu package build uses cowbuilder, which needs to run as root, so you may wish to add your user to the sudoers list.

The build also depends on OCaml 4.01.0, now available in Ubuntu Trusty and Debian Jessie.

The steps to build Debian packages are the same as those to build RPMs:

git clone git://
cd buildroot


make install

Status by distro

Some distros get more attention that others and are likely to work better, on average. Here are the distros which are being actively used:

  • Ubuntu-14.04: @djs55
  • CentOS 7: @euanh

If you are actively using a distro and feel able to fix bugs in it, please add yourself to the list.