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xeokit SDK

An extensible open source JavaScript SDK to accelerate the development of Web-based BIM and CAD viewers.

Offline BIM viewing View BIM models and IFC metadata loaded from the file system. [More info..]
Load models from BIMServer View BIM models loaded from BIMServer. [More info..]
Import multiple formats Load multiple models into the same 3D scene, from source formats including glTF, OBJ, 3DXML, STL, 3DS and BIMServer. [More info..]
Scene Metadata A flexible IFC metadata graph to classify 3D scene content. [More info..]
BCF viewpoints Save and load viewer state as BCF viewpoints. [More info..]
Section planes Create cross-section clipping planes to reveal model structures. [More info..]
Extensible with plugins A growing library of bundled plugins to accelerate viewer development. [More info..]

xeokit Core 3D Renderer

A complete WebGL-based 3D library at the core, capable of rendering high-detail models and quality previews.

3D Scene graph Scene graph with dynamic transforms and bounding volume hierarchies. [More info..]
High-detail rendering High-performance model representation for huge models. [More info..]
Physically-based materials Physically-based rendering for realistic previews. [More info..]
Emphasis effects Highlight and select objects, slice with cross-sections, emphasise edges.
Dynamic camera Camera with orbit and first-person modes, perspective and orthographic projections. [More info..]
Camera animation Animate the camera along paths for walk-throughs; fly the camera to focus on models and objects.
Dynamic light sources Positional and directional lights, light maps, reflection maps and skyboxes. [More info..]
Picking Interactively pick objects and surfaces with pointers and rays. Get metadata on picked objects.
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