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xeolabs aims to support high-performance 3D model viewing in the browser through an open source toolkit built on ten years experience visualizing STEM on the Web. xeokit's first priority is to load large models quickly and render them interactively, with the minimum memory footprint and best possible GPU performance.

Completed goals

Core SDK with enough functionality to start building production apps.

  • Fork xeogl
  • Rewrite to support huge models
  • Load glTF with IFC metadata
  • Load models from BIMServer
  • BCF viewpoints
  • [Feb 2019] Release v0.1.2-beta
  • Annotations
  • NavCube
  • Editable cross sections
  • [March 2019] Release v0.2.0-beta

Immediate goals

Scale up performance, faster loading, more plugins.

  • Measurement plugins
  • Load Draco-compressed geometry from glTF
  • Load compressed geometry from BIMSurfer
  • 2D plan view navigation plugin
  • WebVR plugin
  • Shadows
  • Solid cross sections
  • Migrate to TypeScript

Medium-term goals

Apply PBR capabilities to IFC, more integration.

  • PBR materials from IFC
  • Cesium 3D Tiles integration

Long-term goals

Adapt to new Web technologies.

  • Run on other Web 3D graphics APIs (eg. WebGPU)


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