Viewer Plugins

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The xeogl-sdk Viewer can be extended via a library of bundled plugins.

So far, we have the following plugins:

Plugin Description Demo API Docs User Guide
BCFViewPointsPlugin Saves and loads BCF viewpoints Demo Docs Guide
BIMServerLoaderPlugin Loads models from BIMServer Demo Docs Guide
GLTFLoaderPlugin Loads models from glTF, with accompanying IFC metadata Demo Docs Guide
OBJLoaderPlugin Loads models from OBJ Demo Docs Guide
XML3DLoaderPlugin Loads models from 3DXML Demo Docs Guide
STLLoaderPlugin Loads models from STL Demo Docs Guide
AxisGizmoPlugin Shows the coordinate system axis Demo Docs
SectionPlanesPlugin Cross-section planes Demo Docs Guide

Have a suggestion for a new plugin? Please let us know via the issue tracker.

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