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mvaerle commented May 23, 2011

We are having some weird bugs when trying to pick semi transparent objects with other objects being randomly picked instead. Is this supposed to be broken and just undocumented, or is this a bug that can be fixed?

Thanks for your consideration.

xeolabs commented May 23, 2011

You should be able to pick transparent objects in the same way as opaque objects, since they are rendered through the same pipeline as the opaque objects (ordered after those), the only difference being that alpha blending is enabled.

Just to confirm: are you attempting to pick the transparent objects, or through the transparent objects, to pick opaque objects behind?

Are you setting a "picking" flag false on any nodes in your scene?

Any errors in the console?

I'm unable to get this to break - if you can recreate the problem in a simple example (try posting to jsFiddle) then I'll fix immediately.


mvaerle commented May 23, 2011

We'll try to make an isolated test case. Very good to hear that it should be working, this means it's probably a mistake on our behalf. I'll let you know what we find and what caused this bug for us.

mvaerle commented May 26, 2011

We isolated the problem with the version we were using (0.7.9), when we switch to 0.8 things are looking fine. So now we just ported our application to the new version a little sooner. Thanks for the quick reply.

@mvaerle mvaerle closed this May 26, 2011
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