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Awesome time series database

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A curated list of time series databases. For filtering based on language, backend etc. Check out the Website.

name github status lang backend protocol query license
Akumuli maintained c++ localfs tcp text apache-2.0
Arctic active python mongodb tcp python lgpl
Argus dead java hbase http json bsd
Atlas maintained scala memory http stack apache-2.0
Beringei dead c++ memory thrift thrift bsd
BigGraphite maintained python cassandra http graphite apache-2.0
Blueflood dead java cassandra,elasticsearch http json apache-2.0
BTrDB maintained go ceph http json gpl
Catena dead go localfs http json bsd
Chronix maintained java solr http json apache-2.0
Citus active c postgresql tcp sql agpl-3.0
ClickHouse active c++ localfs tcp sql apache-2.0
Cortex active go s3,cassandra,bigtable,dynamodb http promql apache-2.0
CrateDB active java elasticsearch,s3 tcp sql apache-2.0
DalmatinerDB maintained erlang localfs http text mit
FiloDB active scala cassandra http promql,metricsql apache-2.0
Flint maintained scala spark http json apache-2.0
Gnocchi dead python localfs http json apache-2.0
GridDB active c++ localfs jdbc sql,tql apache-2.0
HawkularMertics maintained java cassandra http json apache-2.0
Heroic maintained java bigtable,cassandra,elasticsearch http json apache-2.0
InfluxDB active go localfs http influxql,flux mit
IoTDB active java hdfs,localfs tcp sql apache-2.0
IRONdb active c localfs http json proprietary
KairosDB maintained java cassandra http json apache-2.0
Khronus dead scala cassandra http json,influxql apache-2.0
LinDB active go localfs http sql apache-2.0
M3 active go localfs http promql,graphite,m3query,sql apache-2.0
Metrictank active go cassandra,elasticsearch http graphite agpl-3.0
Newts maintained java cassandra http json apache-2.0
OpenTSDB maintained java hbase http,tcp json lgpl
Apache Pinot active java s3,hdfs,azdls http pql apache-2.0
PinusDB maintained c++ localfs tcp sql gpl-3.0
PipelineDB dead c postgresql tcp sql apache-2.0
Prometheus active go localfs prometheus promql apache-2.0
QuestDB active java localfs postgres sql apache-2.0
Seriously dead go localfs http json mit
Sidewinder dead java localfs tcp sql apache-2.0
SiriDB active c localfs http text mit
TDengine active c localfs tcp sql agpl-3.0
Tgres dead go postgresql tcp sql apache-2.0
Thanos active go localfs,s3 http,grpc promql apache-2.0
Timebala dead go localfs http promql apache-2.0
Timely maintained java hdfs,accumulo http json apache-2.0
TimescaleDB active c postgresql postgres sql apache-2.0
TrailDB dead c localfs embed python mit
tsdb-layer dead go foundationdb grpc text unknown
μts dead javascript memory embed json mit
Vaultaire dead haskell ceph http json unknown
VictoriaMetrics active go localfs http promql,metricsql apache-2.0
Vulcan dead go cassandra http promql apache-2.0
Warp10 active java leveldb,hbase http warpscript apache-2.0
Xephon-K dead go cassandra,localfs http,grpc json mit

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