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A simple blob detector for clojure.


The useful function is blob-detector.core/detect which requires a predicate taking a x and y argument and determining if they are interesting, and a width and height of the 2d plane.

For example:

(import '
(import 'java.awt.BufferedImage)
(import 'javax.imageio.ImageIO)
(import 'java.awt.Color)

(defn greenish
   [#^BufferedImage image]
   (fn [x y] (let [color (Color. (.getRGB image x y))
                   red (.getRed color)
                   green (.getGreen color)
                   blue (.getBlue color)]
                  (and (> green (+ 5 blue))
                       (> green (+ 5 red))))))

(let [image (ImageIO/read (File. "somefile.png"))]
     (blob-detector.core/detect (greenish image) (.getWidth image) (.getHeight image)))