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Changes in 0.0.5-SNAPSHOT:
* Add prepare-statement function to ease creation of PreparedStatement with common options:
- see docstring for details
* with-query-results now allows the first item in the SQL/params vector to be either:
- a PreparedStatement object, followed by any parameters it needs
- a SQL query string, followed by any parameters it needs
- options (for prepareStatement), a SQL query string, followed by any parameters it needs
* Add support for databases that cannot return generated keys (e.g., HSQLDB)
- insert operations silently return the insert counts instead of generated keys
- it is the user's responsibility to handle this if you're using such a database!
Changes in 0.0.4:
* Fix JDBC-2 by allowing :table-spec {string} at the end of create-table arguments:
(sql/create-table :foo [:col1 "int"] ["col2" :int] :table-spec "ENGINE=MyISAM")
* Fix JDBC-8 by removing all reflection warnings
* Fix JDBC-11 by no longer committing the transaction when an Error occurs
* Clean up as-... functions to reduce use of (binding)
* Refactor do-prepared*, separating out return keys logic and parameter setting logic
- in preparation for exposing more hooks in PreparedStatement creation / manipulation
Changes in 0.0.3:
* Fix JDBC-10 by using .executeUpdate when generating keys (MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL compatibility issue)
Changes in 0.0.2:
* Fix JDBC-7 Clojure 1.2 compatibility (thanx to Aaron Bedra!)
Changes in 0.0.1 (compared to clojure.contrib.sql):
* Exposed print-... functions for exception printing; no longer writes exceptions to *out*
* Add (to replace clojure.core/resultset-seq which should be deprecated)
* Add support for naming and quoting strategies - see
- The formatting is a bit borked, Tom F knows about this and is working on an enhancement to auto-doc to improve it
* Add ability to return generated keys from single insert operations, add insert-record function
* Clojure 1.3 compatibility
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