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Checkout dependency graphs for common unexpected cases
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A Clojure library designed to be used with pomegrante to check for common unexpected dependency problems.


Use the transformer as part of the pomegranate dependency resolution. Include two atoms of lists in order to pass information after resolution.

(require '[cemerick.pomegranate.aether :as aether])
(require '[pedantic.core :as pedantic])

(def ranges (atom []))
(def overrides (atom []))

 :coordinates coords
 #(-> %
      (pedantic/use-transformer ranges

After resolution: ranges will be a vector of paths (maps with keys [:node :parents]) overrides will be a vector of maps with keys [:accepted :ignoreds :ranges]. :accepted is the path that was resolved. :ignored is a list of paths that were not used. :ranges is a list of paths containing version ranges that might have affected the resolution.

The nodes included will be org.sonatype.aether.graph.DependencyNodes.


Copyright © 2014 Nelson Morris

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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