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# SocketStream Makefile
# Compile all CoffeeScript files within /src into /lib and transfer over any pure JS files
# TODO: Find a better way to move .js files over from /src to /lib, maybe using mkdir -p if the dirs don't already exist
rm -fr lib; node_modules/coffee-script/bin/coffee --bare -o lib -c src; cp src/*.js lib; cp src/utils/*.js lib/utils; cp src/websocket/transports/socketio/*.js lib/websocket/transports/socketio; mkdir lib/client/system/libs; cp -R src/client/system/libs/*.js lib/client/system/libs/; cp -R src/client/system/modules/*.js lib/client/system/modules/;
# Ignore files and directories prepended with 'testdata_'
TEST_FILES=`find test/* | grep -v '^test/testdata_*'`
./node_modules/.bin/mocha --require should --require coffee-script $(TEST_FILES)
.PHONY: test