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The purpose of this repo is to demonstrate the various marshaling behaviors of C# for C++. This demonstrates the following:

  • passing simple data types by value, address, and reference
  • returning simple data types
  • passing arrays of simple data types as const and non-const
  • passing C# strings as C-strings
  • returning C-strings of different lengths
  • passing structs by value, address, and reference
    • structs with simple data type members
    • structs with struct members
    • structs with pointer members
    • structs with array members
  • returning structs
  • passing and executing delegates (function pointers) in the same thread
    • with simple data type parameters
    • with string parameters
    • with struct parameters
  • passing and executing a delegate array in the same thread
  • passing, storing, and executing delegates for later
  • passing struct with delegate members, storing, and executing delegates
  • passing and executing delegates in a separate thread

This repo contains 2 projects:

Tested on Visual Studio Community 2017 Version 15.8.5 and Unity Version 2018.3.7f1

How To Use

  1. Build the C++ DLL using Visual Studio
  2. Copy the NativeLib.dll from the output folder and paste it into the Assets\Plugins\x86_64 folder
  3. Open Unity3D (or restart it if it was opened while the dll was being copied)
  4. Open Assets\Scenes\SampleScene
  5. Navigate to the Tester Game Object
  6. Enable the Tester script you wish to execute
  7. Play the scene and check the logs for result


InterOp Marshaling Official MS Documentation

Marshaling with C# Old reference but has good explanation on BOOL vs BOOLEAN

Want to help?

I need help in testing this for macOS. I don't have an Apple machine.


InterOp Demo in Unity3D between C/C++ and C#







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