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import requests
import json
import time
now = time.time()
class Webhook():
def __init__(self, url, **kwargs):
self.url = url
self.wh = {
#"username": kwargs.get("username", None),
#"avatar_url": kwargs.get("avatar_url", None),
"content": None,
"embeds": []
self.requests = requests.Session()
def add_embed(self, embed):
def clear_embeds(self):
self.wh["embeds"] = []
def send(self, content=None, tts=False):
self.wh["content"] = content
self.wh["tts"] = tts
#return True # BORRAR ESTO
r =, json=self.wh)
if "X-RateLimit-Remaining" in r.headers and int(r.headers["X-RateLimit-Remaining"]) <= 1:
wait = int(r.headers["X-RateLimit-Reset"])-int(now)
raise Exception("RateLimit {0}/{1}, reset in ~{2}s".format(r.headers["X-RateLimit-Remaining"], r.headers["X-RateLimit-Limit"], wait))
"""rl = "RateLimit {0}/{1}, reset in ~{2}s".format(r.headers["X-RateLimit-Remaining"], r.headers["X-RateLimit-Limit"], wait)
if wait < 600:
raise Exception(rl)"""
if r.text != "":
raise Exception("Webhook error: {0}".format(r.text))
return True
def embed(**kwargs):
return {
"title": kwargs.get("title", None),
"description": kwargs.get("description", None),
"url": kwargs.get("url", None),
"color": kwargs.get("color", None),
"image": kwargs.get("image", None),
"thumbnail": kwargs.get("thumbnail", None),
"footer": kwargs.get("footer", None),
"fields": kwargs.get("fields", [])
def field(name, value, inline=False):
return {
"name": name,
"value": value,
"inline": inline
def image(url, w=50, h=50):
return {
"url": url,
"width": w,
"height": h
def thumbnail(url, w=50, h=50):
return {
"url": url,
"width": w,
"height": h
def footer(text, icon_url):
return {
"text": text,
"icon_url": icon_url
__all__ = ["Webhook", "embed", "field", "footer"]