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[Installation note of snappy-java]
If your OS platform is one of the Windows/Linux/Mac OS X (32/64 bit Intel CPUs), the installation process described here is unnecessary. Simply put snappy-java-(version).jar to your Java classpath. If your OS is not listed above, create your own snappy-java-(version).jar file as follows.
= Required tools for building snappy-java =
[For all platforms]
* Java 6 (JDK1.6)
- set JAVA_HOME environment variable to the Java installation folder (e.g. JAVA_HOME=C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.6.0_24 in Windows)
* Maven 3.x
- Check mvn command can be used from your command line.
[Windows (32/64-bit)]
* GNU make
* And also tar, curl, cp, rm, grep commands are needed. (I use Cygwin and MinGW for building snappy-java in Windows)
[Windows (32-bit only)]
* Install MinGW
* Set PATH to the following command in MinGW package
- mingw32-g++
- strip
To build x86 (32bit) dll under 64-bit Windows, use "make win32" target.
[Windows (64-bit only)]
* Download MinGW-w64
* Set PATH to the following commands in the downloaded archive:
- x86_64-w64-mingw32-g++
- x86_64-w64-mingw32-strip
NOTICE: Do not use the Cygwin version of MinGW-w64. It fails to build assemblies for 64bit environment.
[Linux (32/64-bit)]
* gcc-4.5.x or higher is necessary because snappy-java uses -static-libstdc++ option. It is possible to use gcc-4.3.x but a dependency to libstdc++ remains in the generated jar file; That means if another version of libstdc++ is used, snappy-java might not work correctly.
* You can build 32-bit native library with 64-bit Linux machine (do make linux32)
* Install gcc, make, etc. included in Mac OS X install disk. (X Code)
* Install mercurial using Mac Ports
= Building snappy-java =
To build jar file of snappy-java, type:
$ make
A native library for your machine environment and a jar package target/snappy-java-(version).jar are produced in the target folder.
= Building only the native library =
$ make native
= Rebuild the native library for your platform =
$ make clean-native native
= Using system installed libsnappyjava (or snappyjava.dll) =
Set org.xerial.snappy.use.systemlib system property to true:
java -Djava.library.path=(path to the installed snappyjava lib) -Dorg.xerial.snappy.use.systemlib=true ...
With this setting snappy-java does not use bundled native libraries. Insted it tries to load native library installed at the path specified in java.library.path.
= Configure snappy-java using property file =
Prepare file (under the root path of your library) in Java's property file format.
Here is a list of the available properties:
* org.xerial.snappy.lib.path (directory containing a snappyjava's native library)
* (library file name)
* org.xerial.snappy.tempdir (temporary directory to extract a native library bundled in snappy-java)
* org.xerial.snappy.use.systemlib (if this value is true, use system installed looking the path specified by java.library.path)
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