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# encoding:utf-8
from __future__ import print_function, unicode_literals
import sys
import os
import sqlite3
import random
import unicodedata as ud
import workflow
from workflow import Workflow
from workflow import Workflow3
from consts import *
from util import Util
GITHUB_SLUG = 'xeric/alfred-outlook'
log = None
tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
set results to {}
repeat with aContact in contacts
set itemProps to properties of aContact
log itemProps
set emails to email addresses of aContact
if (display name of aContact contains "%s") or my emailContains(email addresses of aContact, "%s") then
set exchangeId to exchange id of aContact
set emails to email addresses of aContact
if exchangeId is missing value then set exchangeId to ""
if emails is missing value or emails is {} then
set end of results to exchangeId
set end of results to ""
repeat with email in emails
set end of results to exchangeId
set end of results to address of email
end repeat
end if
# set end of results to display name of aContact & exchange id of aContact & item 1 of email addresses of aContact
end if
end repeat
return results
end tell
on emailContains(emails, keyword)
tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
set check to false
if emails is not missing value or emails is not {} then
repeat with email in emails
if (address of email contains keyword) then
set check to true
exit repeat
end if
end repeat
end if
return check
end tell
end emailContains
SELECT_STR = """Select PathToDataFile, Contact_DisplayName, Record_ExchangeOrEasId
from Contacts
where Record_ExchangeOrEasId in (%s)
def main(wf):
query = wf.decode(sys.argv[1])
handle(wf, query)'searching contact with keyword')
def handle(wf, query):
if len(query) < 1 or (not str([0])).startswith("CJK UNIFIED") and len(query) < 2):
wf.add_item(title='Type more characters to search...',
subtitle='too less characters will lead huge irrelevant results',
# run a script to get exchange id
exchangeIdAndEmail = workflow.util.run_applescript(APPLE_SCRIPT % (query, query,))
idEmnailList = exchangeIdAndEmail.split(",")
contacts = buildContacts(idEmnailList)"found contact total number: " + str(len(idEmnailList) / 2))
homePath = os.environ['HOME']
profile = wf.stored_data(KEY_PROFILE) or OUTLOOK_DEFAULT_PROFILE
# outlookData = homePath + '/outlook/'
outlookData = homePath + OUTLOOK_DATA_PARENT + profile + OUTLOOK_DATA_FOLDER
if not Util.validateProfile(outlookData):
wf.add_item(title='Profile: ' + profile + ' is not valid...',
subtitle='please use olkc profile to switch profile',
arg='olkc profile ',
uid='err' + str(random.random()),
elif len(contacts) == 0:
wf.add_item(title='No matched contact found...',
subtitle='please check the keyword and try again',
uid='err' + str(random.random()),
con = sqlite3.connect(outlookData + OUTLOOK_SQLITE_FILE)
cur = con.cursor()
dynamicVarsQM = ""
dynamicVars = []
for x in contacts:
if x[0]:
dynamicVarsQM = dynamicVarsQM + "?,"
dynamicVarsQM = dynamicVarsQM[:-1]
res = cur.execute(SELECT_STR % dynamicVarsQM, tuple(dynamicVars))
resultCount = cur.rowcount"got " + str(resultCount) + " results found")
if resultCount:
for row in cur:
relativePath = row[0]
dispName = row[1]
excid = row[2] or ""
fillContacts(contacts, relativePath, dispName, excid)
# id, email, name, relative path
for i, contact in enumerate(contacts):
if i >= 20:
path = outlookData + contact[3] if contact[3] else None
email = contact[1]
it = wf.add_item(title=wf.decode(contact[2] or ""),
subtitle=(email if email and email.strip() else "No Email Found"),
arg=path or email,
type='file' if path else "")
if not Util.isAlfredV2(wf):
mod = it.add_modifier(key='ctrl',
subtitle="Compose a mail to " + email,
def buildContacts(idEmail):
contacts = []
for i, k in zip(idEmail[0::2], idEmail[1::2]):
contacts.append([i.strip(), k.strip(), k.strip(), None])
return contacts
def fillContacts(contacts, path, name, id):
for i, x in enumerate(contacts):
if x[0] == id and x[3] is None:
contacts[i][2] = name
contacts[i][3] = path
if __name__ == '__main__':
wf = Workflow(update_settings={
'github_slug': GITHUB_SLUG,
if not Util.isAlfredV2(wf):
wf = Workflow3(update_settings={
'github_slug': GITHUB_SLUG,
log = wf.logger
if wf.update_available:
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