vim 0.2.0 - sourcerer

@xero xero released this Jun 15, 2015 · 96 commits to master since this release

with it's tight integration to the unix shell, vim has quickly become my editor of choice. once you start to master the movements and operators you quickly begin manipulating, not just editing source code files.

when you learn vim it's best to use a more vanilla config. if helps you focus on learning the editor and not the plugins. these are also great for remote machines. but for your local dev environment, vim's vast and powerful plugin system can add many great features. i try to keep my editor slim and fast, but i find myself loving these plugins:

sourcerer color scheme

@xero xero released this Apr 1, 2015 · 126 commits to master since this release

new color scheme for terminals (urxvt) and vim based on by Jeet Sukumaran

vim wizard theme

@xero xero released this Mar 30, 2015 · 132 commits to master since this release

add v0.1.0 of the vim wizard theme and sorcerer color scheme

vim wizard scrot

organize and modularize zsh configs

@xero xero released this Mar 8, 2015 · 140 commits to master since this release

modularizing and autoloading all .zsh files helps organize it's features and to keep personal configs out of versioning. it also allows for individual drop in configs on other machines.

to switch custom prompts rename the files (dual-line-prompt, minimal-prompt, ninja-prompt) from ._zsh to .zsh

  • e.g. to switch from default to silly ninja style: mv zsh/.zsh/minimal-prompt.zsh zsh/.zsh/minimal-prompt._zsh && mv zsh/.zsh/ninja-prompt._zsh zsh/.zsh/ninja-prompt.zsh