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A Logic Engine for Python

Sergio Salomon Garcia, sergio.salomon at alumnos.unican.es

Notice: a better version in a more object-oriented style is in progress. The current internal handling with strings is evil!


Logice is a logic engine implementation in Python that allows a bit of logic programming style in this language.

In a Prolog-like way, LogicE allows to define logical predicates, facts and rules.

Quick Start

First, you import the module and get a new instance of the engine:

import logice

logic_engine = logice.new()

Then, you can define new logical predicates and assert some facts:

logic_engine.new_pred("is_man", 1)
#	is_man/1
#	is_man(?Something)

logic_engine.new_fact("is_man", "socrates")
logic_engine.new_fact("is_man", "plato")

You can define rules too:

def is_mortal(someone):
	return logic_engine.eval("is_man", someone)

Finally, you should take a look to the file midearth.py for an example of how the work is done with the engine.