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VitaLoader script for Ghidra
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VitaLoader script for Ghidra


  1. Download this script
  2. Download the JAR of the yamlbeans library
  3. Open Ghidra and add the JAR path to Ghidra's Edit -> Plugin Path...
  4. Add the script directory to Window -> Script manager -> Script Directories button in the top right


  1. Load your favorite ELF
  2. (Optionally parse the vitasdk headers, see below)
  3. Go to Window -> Script manager (or green play button)
  4. Navigate to the Vita folder and run

Parsing vitasdk headers

To take full advantage of this script, I recommend parsing the vitasdk headers before running it:

1. Generating a Ghidra-parsable header

  1. $ arm-vita-eabi-gcc -P -E $VITASDK/arm-vita-eabi/include/vitasdk.h -D"__attribute__(x)=" -D"__extension__(x)=" > vitasdk_header.h (use vitasdkkern.h for the kernel headers)
  2. Now open vitasdk_header.h and remove the typedef unsigned int wchar_t; (line 3)
  3. Remove all the inline macros (ksceKernelCpu*Context, ksceKernelCpuUnrestrictedMemcpy)
  4. Change SceKernelProcessInfo's unk[0xE8 / 4 - 6] to unk[0x34]

2. Parsing the header

  1. Open Ghidra and go to File -> Parse C Source... and select vitasdk_header.h
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