Build Nextor (MSX disk operating system) from Linux using Vagrant
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Build Nextor (MSX disk operating system) from Linux/OSX using Vagrant and VirtualBox


  • Vagrant: a tool for building and managing virtual machine environments
  • VirtualBox: a free and open-source hosted hypervisor for x86 computers

How to compile Nextor

From the main directory of this repo run

For available options:

$ --help
Use: ./ [-h/--help] | [-f/--fdisk ] | [-n/--nostop]
    -h/--help: show this help
    -f/--fdisk: compile FDISK only
    -n/--nostop: keep VM running
    ./                    # Compile all and stop VM
    ./ -n                 # Do not stop de VM
    ./ -n -f              # Do not stop de VM and compile FDISK only
    ./ --nostop --fdisk   # Same as previous with long options
    ./ --help             # Show help

Note that first execution might take a long time because the Windows image will be downloaded

Why do I need this?

I do not have a Windows machine to compile Nextor and I don't want to install and manage a full GUI virtual machine. I want to use a Linux terminal to edit the code and try my changes as I normally do.

How does it work?

I have created a ready made Windows Vagrant image with all the tools needed to compile Nextor. There's a script called that does the following: (check the code is very simple)

  • Check for requirements
  • Clone Nextor project from github (if not present)
  • Start the Windows VM using Vagrant
  • Execute compile.bat inside the VM for all of Nextor's modules and tools
  • Stop the VM

Issues & Comments

  • I have added a sample output for a successfull compilation as a reference in output.log
  • To completely delete the Windows image try with: vagrant destroy
  • Please support Nextor's original developer for his amazing work here
  • At this moment there is no support for VMWare

That's it

I know this tool won't be used at all. It's a very small niche of knowledge. But if you happen to encounter ] this project and find it useful, please let me know! Thanks :)