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provide a reset() method to read all remaining data #213

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It would be useful to have a reset() method in Jedis client.

It could be called before returning a shared Jedis client to the pool, or borrowing it again.


All tests passed.


what would be the use case of this? can you provide an example?


Jedis client has an inner state, which cannot be altered from outside. So if the client sent some bytes to the server and a timeout occurred, then it is impossible to reset this client to a normal state without this method.


Ok. In that case you'll get a JedisConnectionException. Whenever you get this excption you are supposed to returnBrokenResource instead of returnResource.
This way this resource can be deleted and a new one is created.
Do you still think this is necessary?


But the timeouted client could be restored with this reset() method, and creating a new object with connecting and selecting database could take more resource than a simple reset.

If you don't want to use reset() and return just a broken resource it depends on you, but this would take no harm and provides a better API, because the inner state could be reset.


sending requests on a closed connection always cause exceptions don't they?

so reset() won't differ from any other command

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Commits on Sep 26, 2011
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  1. +9 −0 src/main/java/redis/clients/jedis/
9 src/main/java/redis/clients/jedis/
@@ -34,6 +34,15 @@ public String ping() {
+ * Resets the client.
+ * <p>
+ * Reads all remaining responses from the input.
+ */
+ public void reset() {
+ client.getAll();
+ }
+ /**
* Set the string value as value of the key. The string can't be longer than
* 1073741824 bytes (1 GB).
* <p>
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